Jewelry has been worn as personal adornment all throughout recorded history.  Whether it is worn functionally to fix clothing or hair in place,  symbolically to represent beliefs, medicinally in the case of magnetic copper    or simply as self expression the power that jewelry carries cannot be denied.  Terrapin Station works with many local artists as well importers from Nepal, Thailand, Bali and South America to select only the finest quality pieces.  We believe that the energy of the maker is encapsulated into the finished product and are consciously fostering sustainable relationships with our artists.  Not only will our jewelry make you look good, but it will make you feel good as well!

Indian Bell Anklets

These anklets look and sound beautiful!  Worn traditionally by the dancers of India, the ghungharu tinkle bells are connected to petite loops and a chain to create a unique sound that surrounds the wearer as they move.


Gemstone Bracelets

From time immemorial gemstones have been believed to possess healing qualities.  These gemstone bracelets are made with grade A gemstones and can be used for spiritual practices, restoring energy fields,  promoting peace and love, or strictly decorative purposes.  Made with small or large beads, these gemstone bracelets allow you to carry the healing power of crystals directly against your skin.

Mala Beads

Mala is a Sanskrit term with a literal translation of garland.  Malas are ancient necklaces made with various types of beads including sandalwood, rosewood, and rudraksha.  Typically they consist of 108 beads to signify the correspondence between the diameter of the Sun and the Earth, distance between the Moon and the Earth, as well as the number of chakra points within the body.  Our Malas are sourced directly from India and are an ideal guide for traditional yoga meditation and mantra repetition.

Copper Bracelets –

Copper bracelets have been worn for health benefits since the times of ancient Egypt.  It is believed that wearing copper around the wrist can help reduce joint inflammation and pain throughout the body as well as assist with blood circulation.  It has been proven that trace minerals in the copper, including zinc and iron absorb through the pores of the skin to enter the bloodstream.




Wear the evolution!  The Columbia History of the World (1996) states that the weaving of hemp fiber began over 10,000 years ago!  Throughout time Hemp has been used for countless purposes and truly has a storied history.  As the world is beginning to progress passed the prohibition of hemp to regain its status with its many industrial and health benefits, enthusiasts are again proudly wearing hemp jewelry as a sign of support.  It is believed that hemp will have a major impact in the paper, clothing, and even fuel industries to help reduce mankind’s carbon footprint and effect on the ecology of the environment.  Our hemp jewelry is made locally by various artists within the community and available in various colors, sizes and styles.