“Maybe you had too much too fast”

In today’s crazy world countless companies manufacture  detoxification products.  Terrapin Station has thoroughly evaluated the market  to offer you only the best available products.  Stop in and say hi and we can help you sort through the options so you can find the best product for you.

As soon as you decide you would like to detoxify your body the first step is to stop the use of any harmful toxins.  Pollutants exist in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, so it is important to not introduce additional toxins into the body for a minimum of 2 days before beginning a cleansing program.   If you have several days before your deadline, it is helpful to increase your water consumption as this improves the body’s natural ability to clean itself.  Don’t skip any meals.  It is best to eat light, regular meals and avoid heavy, greasy food, excessive salt, caffeine, acidic liquids, as well as other consumables that change the body’s metabolic rate. 

Terrapin Station has permanent and instant flush detox kits.  The permanent style products require 5 days of consecutive detoxification and works best for people with average to low toxicity.  The instant flush kits depend on the individual’s body weight and amount of usage.  Those with frequent usage or individuals over 200 pounds will require larger products to produce the proper effect.

Whatever your detoxification needs are Terrapin Station can help!