Crystals & Meditation

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Tumbled Stones







Tumbled Gemstones are great ways to carry around the energy of gemstones anywhere you go.  They are small enough to fit in pockets or use in jewelry and can also be used in creating spiritual charts for meditation and prayer.  Our tumbled gemstones are grade A, providing the holder with top quality purity and brilliant colors.  Great for use with Reiki and Chakra healing or simply as a decorative layout on your desk or alter.  In this holographic world its important to remember a small gemstone possesses all the power of a larger one!

Clusters and Geodes

Clusters and Geodes are naturally occurring formations of rocks.  Typically sold split, these form in hollow spherical patterns.  From the outside they can look quite odd, but when properly split the true magic is released, revealing beautiful geometric structures of crystals.  Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Celestine are the most common clusters that we offer.



Specimens are premium, raw gemstones in their most natural form.  Large, beautiful pieces of Amethyst, Aquamarine, Quartz, Fluorite, Garnet, Malachite, Selenite  and Celestine are available.  Specimens of Cavansite, Moldavite, and Herkimer Diamonds are available in smaller sizes.  Each piece is a unique portion of Mother Earth that will remain here longer after we are gone.  Always use loving energy around your gemstones.


Crystal Bookends


These elegant bookends are great for attracting attention to any bookshelf.  Available in various colored Agates, Amethyst, Quartz and Labradorite, they come in different sizes to fit small or larger shelves.





Pendulums have been popular since the first experiments conducted by Galileo Galilei in the early 15th century.  They have been used for many things throughout history from the keeping of time to observation of the Earth’s rotation.  Today our pendulums are typically used for communication with Spirit and for getting answers to questions from higher powers.  Through the medium of a pendulum, we can receive answers concerning why we are here, what path to take in life, or to connect yourself with spiritual powers.

**(pend Video w/ sheet)**




Disclaimer:  Crystal meanings are meant as a general guideline for spiritual work, not as a replacement from professional medical assistance.