The best incense the world has to offer!

Indian Incense


  • Satya Nag Champa – Hand rolled in India in accordance with age old traditional methods Satya Nag Champa is made using only the finest herbs, spices, floral extracts and exotic oils.  The enthralling and captivating aroma make this the world’s most popular incense.  Very pure, free from toxic materials and animal by-products this incense must be smelled to be understood.  Sold in a variety of sizes, it is easy to purchase a small sample size or a large amount for someone who has experienced it.



  • Satya Superhit – Made with the same method as the Nag Champa this incense has a more musky, sandalwood based scent.  It’s purity makes it safe to burn in any environment so you can enjoy its scent without releasing harmful chemical into the air.





  • India Temple Incense – India temple incense emits a mild fragrance releasing minimal smoke as it burns.  It is a very fine fragrance that matches and blends into the human sense of scents so that you may not even notice it while it burns.  It smells just like the great temples of India!


  • Song of India Aroma Temple – The aroma temple incense is a variety pack that emits an essence of divinity, holiness and purity.  This subtle, distinct fragrance works to soothe the senses and create an ideal meditative environment.  These sticks can also be used as a potpourri without burning them by simply opening the package.




  • Surya – Surya makes only 10 fragrances, each carefully hand-rolled according to century-old formulas.  A unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs and aromatic botanical extracts are kneaded into a sticky dough-like mixture before being individually rolled onto a bamboo stick.  The special formulas use only the finest oils, flowers, spices, gums and resins, which may include: sandalwood, rose, jasmine, vetiver and lemongrass oils; marigold, carnation, bergamot, chamomile, hibiscus flowers; cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla spices; and binders such as amber, cedar wood, myrrh, jaggery and benzoin.  Profits from this incense are donated directly to poor widows in Vridavan, India.Forest Champa: Relieves tension Jasmine: Promotes enthusiasm Maharaja: Stimulates vitality Nag Champa: Cools and calms Rose: Uplifts the spirit Royal Champa: Attracts good fortune Saffron Sandal: Inspires peace of mind Sandalwood Supreme: Heightens concentration Mysore Sandalwood Cones: Enhances meditation concentration

Japanese Style Incense

  • Morning Star Incense – Nippon Kodo’s Morning Star Incense is a high quality, woodless incense available in a variety of scents.  Crafted from pure floral essences and rare aromatic woods, Morning Star can be enjoyed every day.  This incense produces little smoke as it burns while maintaining its true scent.  Each package contains 50 sticks and a small ceramic holder.

Local Incense Producers

Terrapin Station has proudly worked with two local incense producers for over 20 years!

  • Usrah Scents – Founded by an oil enthusiast, Usrah Scents has been producing incense for XXX years.  To ensure purity, the oils used for this incense are sourced from several locations around the globe.  Burning these will produce a strong, pure aroma that will surely be remembered.
  • Golden Heart Incense  – Under the guidance of Himalayan Master Swami Rama, founder of Buffalo’s Himalayan Institute, Golden Heart Incense was created.  Each stick is hand dipped in loving dedication to the great souls who protect, guide and inspire humanity.  This soft smelling fragrance helps stimulate the senses for meditation and is not overpowering.

Extra-Long Incense Sticks

These extra strength long incense sticks are double dipped right here in the USA to provide hours of aroma therapy to any environment.  Great for use on patios, porches and gardens they provide an uplifting scent that lasts up to 4 hours.  They are also a natural way to deter pesky bugs at dusk.

Resin Incense

Very traditional, very powerful, raw resin incense is one of the purest and oldest methods of aroma therapy.  Resins are obtained from the bark of trees in their natural form.  Song of India resin incense has received quality awards for their superior sourced products.  Available in Copal, Dragon’s Blood, Egyptian Musk, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Sal Tree, and Spikenard, simply place the resin onto burning charcoal and enjoy.