Smoke Odor Candles

These candles contain special enzymes which actually attack foul odors and removes them from the air.  Regular candles just cover up odors and the smoke odor returns once you put the candle out.  With the Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles, you are actually removing the odors from the air plus you can enjoy a pleasant fragrance just like a regular candle.  They are also great for fighting other odors like kitchen, bathroom and pet odors!  Our most popular scents include Patchouli Amber, Sandalwood, Rasta Love, and Hippie Love.  Smoke Odor Candles are always introducing new scents to coincide with the changing seasons.  Average burn time is 70 hours.




Votive Candles 

Our herbal votive candles are made in the USA and infused with Reiki energy.  Each candle is created with a specific intention using a unique combination of essential oils.  Standing at approximately 2 inches tall, these are ideal for use in meditation or rituals and have an average burn time of an hour.  As they burn they fill the air with a distinct soft scent and divine energy to assist you with your wishes and prayers, or simply encourage focus as you clear your mind.  They are available in a wide range of inspirational scents including positive energy, astral journey, healing, harmony, seduction, and many more.

Ritual Candles

Ritual candles are small, unscented candles that work with the power of color.  Each chakra point of the body resonates with a specific color and burning these candles helps direct your meditations towards specific areas.  At 4 inches tall, these candles require a small holder and will burn for approximately 2 hours.  They are ideal for use in rituals, meditation, prayers, blessings or to warm the ambience of any space.  Available colors include white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black.

GoodLight Tea Light Candles

GoodLight’s tea lights are made from 100% non-toxic, non-GMO, rapidly renewable palm wax and pure cotton wicks, a combination that burns clean and bright.  Lighting up a room with tea lights creates a warm and cozy atmosphere and now you can do it without the harmful fumes or nasty black soot associated with paraffin wax.  These are the first eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to the big plastic bags of petroleum-based paraffin tea lights found at big box stores which emits fumes that are not good to breathe.  Available in small packs of 6 or larger packs of 24, each tea light will burn approximately 4 hours.  A percentage of all sales on GoodLight candles is donated to the Planet to help reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Candle Man Philip James

Our favorite candles of all time!  These unique candles are hand-made locally in Angola, NY, by renowned Candle Man Philip James.  Phil has been making candles since the seventies and over time has perfected his style.  His brilliantly colored candles come in various shapes and sizes, and hollow out when properly burned so that they do not drip.  The glowing effect that this produces is something that must be experienced.  Each candle is special and made with plenty of love.  Many of his candles can be refilled at a discount price or used as a beautiful candle holder for tea lights or votive candles.  Phil is not just a candle man but a true artist.