High Times Magazine’s Legendary Headshops

High Times Magazine’s Legendary Headshops

This year High Times did an extensive review of “headshops” that have operated  across the country over the years.  Their research culminated in the December issue of the long running counter-culture magazine with the printing of an article entitled “Legendary Headshops” where they selected their favorite 10 shops.

Terrapin Station was selected as one of the 10 Legendary Headshops In America by High Times Magazine!  We were so honored to be awarded and mentioned with some of the coolest places to visit in the country.  After 30 long, strange years there’s still no place we’d rather be.

All of us in Buffalo are a little used to being slighted or left out in the cold, so this distinction really goes to ALL the kind, wonderful, caring, eclectic heads that have wandered in over the years!

Thank you all so much

We are Forever Grateful