30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

After opening the doors in 1988 and meeting so many incredible people along the way, 2018 marked our 30th year in business serving the alternative community of WNY and beyond.  What a long, strange trip it’s been.  We have seen many things change in the industry, from the explosion of the glass market, the rise of vaporization products, the inclusion of concentrates, and now the first wave of the end of hemp prohibition.  When combined with our passion for kind customer service, we have continually been able to meet the demands and expectations of our community.

In the past, we would rent a venue, get some bands and throw a party, but this time we tried to think of a way to thank everyone.  Not all of our customers share the same musical taste, and many come into the shop never hearing of the Grateful Dead before.  On March 10th, we celebrated our 30th anniversary by giving back to our loyal customers by offering huge savings on all the products storewide.

The community turned out with an incredible response.  Local artists were generous helping us prepare.  Just before we opened for the day, we installed a commemorative restoration piece, strengthening our link to our early origin.  Many members of local Grateful Dead Tribute Acts stopped in and said Hi, thanking us for our work in keeping the Grateful Dead scene thriving in Buffalo.  Even 97 Rock was there to broadcast some of the happenings!

And the shop was packed.  So many people – old friends we hadn’t seen in a while, all of our regulars, and tons of new, friendly people that are just getting to know us.  The lines were long, but we did our best to ensure you had a real good time.  Everyone was kind, helpful, and seemed like there was no place they’d rather be.

Thank you to everyone who has come into our shop and continue to make it a special place for us all.

Since 1988, there’s no other place like Terrapin Station – Buffalo, NY.


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  1. Hi there, first time I have checked you guys out, reminds me of the head shops I would go to when I was 16, wow, very cool! I shopped at The Trading Post on Woodward Ave., Mich. Do you have a catalog or price list or do I call you? Interested in incense, candles, oil pendant and tye dye shirt! Enjoyed checking everything out, stay cool! By the way I saw your advertisement on, Off Beat Cinema, we watch on tv on Saturdays!

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