Stickers, Patches, & Magnets

Terrapin offers over 800 stickers and embroidered patches.

There are numerous choices of Grateful Dead stickers, celestial, comic book characters, humanitarian bumper stickers -- both inside window and outside bumper stickers.

wall o' stickers

Find everything displayed on our 'sticker wall'!

For patches, ask to see our selection. Inside two hefty binders you'll discover an incredible selection of  iron-on embroidered patches.
Our collection includes fairies, roses, Grateful Dead, cartoon characters, classic & offbeat bands, symbols like the peace and Om sign  -- and so much more!


What will you do for fun on Thanksgiving break?

learn to make chili - 8%
check out bikram yoga - 12.6%
volunteer at the food pantry - 11.5%
get a big start on that paper coming up - 11.5%
Will clean the house, well, pick up anyway... - 28.7%
maybe be a secret Santa - 10.3%
get something new to decorate the walls - 17.2%
get a look at my pagan friend's Solstice gift wish list! - 0%

Total votes: 87
The voting for this poll has ended on: 01 Dec 2015 - 00:00
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