Terrapin Station offers the most reliable detox products on the market today. 


We recommend that as soon as you know when your personal deadline is, you begin the cleansing process. Start by consuming extra water each day prior to your deadline. Cut back on all toxins, including alcohol. Avoid salty, greasy or acidic foods.

Terrapin Station at least two days before your personal deadline. 

These products stimulate and enhance the natural physiological process to flush the unwanted substances from the body. Each one is specifically tailored to achieve your personal cleansing goals.

There are more and more toxins present in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. And many of us compound this problem with our lifestyle choices. These toxins accumulate in our bodies and cause adverse health effects. Impurities stay in our bodies longer than you may think.
Please stop in to Terrapin Station to learn more
about what choices might address your concerns. 
Be sure
 to visit us at least two days before your personal deadline.


The Detoxify line of products offer a wide range of solutions for our customers. Detoxify products will address your cleansing needs even if you have elevated toxin levels or higher body weight.

We also carry PermaCleanse by Detoxify, which offers complete detoxing over an five-day period.

Don't have the necessary 48 hours of being clean? Detoxify, has the products for you!




CLEAR FLUSH™ products cleanse blood, saliva and urine from unwanted impurities.

CLEAR FLUSH™ is available in both liquid and capsule form.

CLEAR FLUSH™ does not hide or mask toxins, it is an actual flush. Effective within 90 minutes of taking the six capsules.

This product will cleanse the blood, saliva and urine for up to five hours.



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