Always in stock- scented votives and tea lights.

Reiki-charged votives by Crystal Journey will bring focus to your meditations.

Looking for an original Buffalo creation as a gift? Consider 'Candleman' Philip James' beautiful line of hand-poured candles.



We carry the largest selection of classic cotton tapestries in WNY.

From twin size-to-queen size, you will find a rich treasure of designs to choose from in printed and woven tapestries.

They are often used as bedspreads, wallhangings, curtains or draped on a ceiling -- let your imagination go wild!






What will you do for fun on Thanksgiving break?

learn to make chili - 8%
check out bikram yoga - 12.6%
volunteer at the food pantry - 11.5%
get a big start on that paper coming up - 11.5%
Will clean the house, well, pick up anyway... - 28.7%
maybe be a secret Santa - 10.3%
get something new to decorate the walls - 17.2%
get a look at my pagan friend's Solstice gift wish list! - 0%

Total votes: 87
The voting for this poll has ended on: 01 Dec 2015 - 00:00
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